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In this immersive puzzle game you stack differently shaped blocks in a box. Complete layers will disappear. Sounds familiar? But this is in 3D!

Beat the high scores in normal playing mode, relax in the non-competitive zen mode, or check out the daily missions.

Instructions, hints for scoring, ...

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Burning Bubbles Lab

Addictive bubble-shooter game. Comes with tons of levels.

Shoot bubbles of the same color to clear the field before the time runs up.

The levels, called missions, are all hand-designed and rated by a vivid community. Use the level editor to create and publish your own levels.

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Word Abacus

Test your word pool in this addictive word puzzle game! Find English words by linking adjacent letter beads left, right, up, or down. The longer the word the higher your score! Shift the letter beads like an abacus to increase word possibilities.
You think your vocabulary is outstanding? Compare your high score with players all over the English-speaking world.

This game recognizes both American and British spelling.

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Word Abacus Deutsch

The German version of the great Word Abacus game.

Endlich: Word Abacus gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Verbinden Sie die Perlen zu gültigen Wörtern. Die Perlen können wie auf einem Abakus bewegt werden, um neue Wortmöglichkeiten zu erhalten.

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Magic Lights

Create your own color-light shows on your iDevice! Whether you like flashy disco-style lights or soft ambient illumination, here's the app for you.

- 6 pre-installed shows
- Define your own shows in a range of great colors and transition styles.

And, yes, it's also good as a flashlight.

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Mobile Aquarium

Addictive aquarium simulation that will keep you hooked for a long time! Let your fish prosper or die---it's all up to you.

The aim of the game is to grow up cute little fish in your virtual aquarium. It takes about two weeks real time to bring a fish from a baby to an adult. Of course, the app does not need to be running all the time, you only should look after the aquarium once or several times a day.

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