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Rated 4/5



Burning Bubbles Lab

Get this addictive bubble-shooter game for your iPhone or iPad FOR FREE -- tons of levels included! Try this once and you will not stop!

The game play is evenly simple and captivating: Try to eliminate colored bubbles by shooting them with bubbles of the same color. Groups of three or more equal-colored bubbles fall down.

Watch out for debris tiles and dirt balls. Those can only be eliminated by bombs!

If your bubble chamber flows over, or the compressor moves up too far, everything will blow up. So Hurry up!

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The levels, called missions, are organized in so-called challenges, each containing 10 to 40 missions. The levels are all hand-designed. There are three built-in challenges, and litterally thousands of user-created challenges in all levels of difficulty. The challenges are rated by the players with regards to fun and difficulty. Also, users can comment on the challenges and exchange tips and tricks for solving the harder missions.

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