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The aim of the game is to stack blocks into the pit without gaps. Full layers disappear. The "active" block is displayed as a white wireframe. Rotate and move the active block so it fits into the pit without gaps. The game ends when the pit flows over.


Tap-and-drag the yellow controls to move the block.

Left control
Use the inner ball to rotate the block out of the screen plane (pitch and yaw). Use the outer wheel to rotate the block within the screen plane (roll)
Right control
Drag the ball to shift the block left-right and up-down
Double click anywhere on the screen
Drop the ball to the ground

Alternatively, you can move the block by directly touching the game field.

Single-finger swipe on the block
Rotate the block out of the screen plane
Single-finger swipe around the block, or two-finger twist
Rotate the block within the screen plane
Two-finger swipe or (on capable devices) force-touch-swipe
Shift the block left-right and up-down


You earn a little score for each dropped cube. However, to reach a really high score you need to create full layers. As soon as a layer is full it will burst (disappear) and you'll get points.


A scientific study with teenagers showed that games like this can improve the spatial sense. The study was conducted using a quite similar game, the DOS game Blockout from the 90s.

In this study with more than 100 kids, half of the kids got the opportunity to play Blockout during summer vacation, the other half did not. The spatial sense of all kids was tested before and after the vacation using a standard test procedure (Gittler 3DW Test). The kids having played the game improved significantly compared to the kids not having played the game.

A. Noss: Improvement of spatial sense in 10 to 14 year-olds by the video game Blockout, diploma thesis, Vienna University, 1994
Original German title: "Förderung der Raumvorstellung bei 10- bis 14-Jährigen durch das Computerspiel Blockout".

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